In 2023, is it still a good time to play Minecraft?

Minecraft (aka Minecraft, or MC) is still a great game to play in 2020, both as a player and as a content creator.

As a game that has been around for more than a decade, the popularity of Minecraft has never slowed down. Whether it is content updates, hardware technology upgrades, or enthusiastic creation from players, it always brings us new fun and surprises.

In the annual inventory of Game Zone last year, faced with the challenge of many popular games, the search volume, submission volume, playback volume and interaction volume of Mc-related content were steadily ranked in the top five. And in the user’s favorite single voting, is directly won the second, only second to “only Wolf”, it shows the station MC players for the loyalty and love of this game.

Even if you’re not an MC player and haven’t played Minecraft directly, But just open these books, which are known as “someone else’s world”, and you will be amazed at the individual/team talent and perseverance of the authors.

In addition to the most familiar building pieces, Minecraft has a lot of fun and creative content that keeps gamers and non-gamers alike hanging around.

Even your first attempt at Minecraft content creation has the potential to bring a whole new effect to the show.

You may be an old MC player in front of the screen, or you may have never tried this game. As a non-contact, you can come and play Minecraft.

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