Clippers star Kawhi Leonard leaves Warriors’ Donte DiVincenzo in pain with elbow to throat

As expected, there was no shortage of intensity on Thursday night when the Golden State Warriors hosted the Los Angeles Clippers. At one point, Dubs guard Donte DiVincenzo ended up on the receiving end of a wayward elbow from Kawhi Leonard, and it really looked like it hurt.

DiVincenzo played some straight-up defense on the Clippers star, and unfortunately for the Warriors stud, he was rewarded with a nasty elbow to the head from Kawhi:

This is a great video of the incident as it showed multiple angles of the hit. After watching the above clip a couple of times, it seems that DiVincenzo was hit by Kawhi’s elbow multiple times. I actually count it as four. Leonard’s left and right elbows grazed DiVincenzo’s face a couple of times as Kawhi went up for his shot. And then, Donte got hit twice by Leonard’s left elbow on the latter’s follow through — once in the face and the last one to his throat. As it appears, though, it was the final blow that was the most painful among the bunch as DiVincenzo fell to the floor in pain.

As it was indicated in the broadcast, however, the elbows did not look like they were intentional. Kawhi Leonard isn’t a dirty player, and it did not appear like he hit the Warriors defender on purpose here. Be that as it may, this notion does not make the hits any less painful for Donte DiVincenzo.

The Warriors came out on top in this one, 115-91.

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