‘The team to beat’: Charles Barkley’s take on Bucks title chances will leave Jayson Tatum, Celtics fans wide eyed

When NBA players discuss being in the spotlight, a lot of them say they don’t pay attention to what’s being said about them. TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley seems to be one of the few that does get paid attention to, judging off of the many Twitter feeds responding to what he says.

Having said that, the opinion Charles Barkley has on who he thinks is the team to beat in the league right now is sure to draw a few reactions. Barkley gave his views on the NBA on TNT pregame show.

As the video says, Barkley and fellow analyst Kenny Smith seem to be on the same page. They both chose the Milwaukee Bucks as the team to beat in the NBA. The Bucks have overtaken the Boston Celtics for the best record in the Eastern Conference, riding the wave of a 16-game winning streak.

The Celtics have been widely thought of as the league’s best team since the season began. They’re still pretty good, but they don’t quite make Barkley’s choice for the team to beat. With that said, the opinions can change as quickly as the weather.

We have to remember this about players and competitors. No matter how much they say they don’t listen to what’s being said, there’s no question they do. Any bit of motivation they can use to get going, they will, and who can blame them? There aren’t too many feelings that are better than the one when you can prove somebody wrong.

I’m sure Jayson Tatum and Boston will say they’re not worried about Barkley’s opinion, but don’t be surprised if they secretly bottle this up and use this for added fuel to their fire.

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