LeBron, Giannis’ names invoked in hilarious Wisconsin snow plow naming competition

LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, whether they like it or not, are major parts of the current cultural zeitgeist, given their otherworldly athletic exploits for the Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks respectively. This was evident once more after they find their names involved in a hilarious snowplow naming competition in the home state of Antetokounmpo’s NBA team – Wisconsin.

To attract local engagement, the Wisconsin Salt Wise – a coalition of organizations working to reduce salt pollution in fresh water sources such as lakes and streams to help provide clean drinking water – held a snowplow naming contest. As one might expect, the participants in the contest mostly based their ideas off prominent cultural figures. And that, funnily enough, ended up involving the names of both Giannis and LeBron.

For the Loader with Plow and Wing, one of the most witty submissions was Giannis Intent-to-Scoop-Snow, a funny twist on the Bucks star’s sometimes difficult to pronounce name. Meanwhile, for the Quad-Axle Brine Truck, the participants came up with LaBrine James – a smart pun on LeBron James’ name.

The name that ended up winning for the loader was “Seymour Pavement”, a wordplay on “see more pavement” which is the intended outcome of plowing snow. On the other hand, the winning name for the brine truck was “Saltimus Prime”, a twist on the courageous, iconic leader of the autobots, Optimus Prime.

A ranked voting system was used in determining the names for the snowplows; voters chose their top five names, and the Madison Streets and Engineering Division, which was in charge of the snowplow naming, let voters choose until the majority of votes landed on one choice.

Each pieces of equipment received over 3,000 votes as supporters flocked to support Wisconsin Salt Wise’s out of the box initiative.

For the other two snowplows, namely the Trackless MT7 Bike Path Plow and the Double-Wing Plow Truck, Snowbi Wan Kenobi and Dolly Plowton emerged as the winning choices, respectively.

Other notable witty names that were up for selection include Brine Cranston, Scoopy Doo, Kung Plow Chicken, Robert Plowney Jr., Snowsferatu, Austin Plowers and A Plow Me To Introduce Myself.

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