James has missed 100 games in the last five seasons! Maybe he is really old and time is just catching up

Legion Hoops tallies up James’ career absences:

First 15 seasons – 71 missed games

Last 5 seasons – 100 missed games

·When you’ve been in the league for 20 years and put as many miles on your body as him, that’s bound to happen.

·Yeah this statistic clearly makes sense. Not sure if we are supposed to be surprised

·*all time scoring leader lebron james

·send him to the warriors, we’ll take care of him

·40 year old missing more games than when he was 29!!!!

·its the end of an era😔

·Father time looking at LeBron:

·FatherTime is undefeated……

·now do john stockton

·It’s all good that’s less than a lot of dudes younger than him😂

·He’s been in the league for 20 years. Give the guy a break

·The ultimate Ironman in the NBA lol. With CP3 being the next older superstar in the league I’d be curious what his comparison would be lol

·Still missing less than Kawhi and KD

·This is what happens when you dominate the league for 20 years and made 10 Finals appearances in row lol

·Maybe cause hes getting old

·200 games missed through 20 seasons ain’t as bad when others miss that many in 3 season

·It’s the getting closer to the end. Happens to all the greats.

·That’s to be expected when you play until you’re 40. Kobe’s injuries started to pile up. LeBron’s production is still elite tho. Any team would welcome him regardless of missed games.

·Time just catching up on him

·It’s almost as if age is a real thing

·It’s almost as if age is a real thing

·nobody beats father time. Impressive record nonetheless

Ah, before James sprain a foot, pace two to continue to play, really feel he will never fall, time ah!

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