Finally declare retirement completely! Heat veteran 20 years a man a city, left but no one blessing

There is some news in the NBA: Miami Heat veteran Haslem Haslem has announced that he will retire from the NBA at the end of this season.

If Haslem doesn’t talk, maybe a lot of people forget that the Heat still has such a person. Haslem is a living fossil of the Heat. He was a finalist in the 2002 NBA draft and got a contract with the Heat in 2003.

During those 20 years, Haslem has been with the Heat, and for a time was the main interior lineman. But Haslem dropped out of the Heat’s main rotation early, playing in 62 regular season games in 2014-15 and 37 the following season.

Haslem has held a spot on the Heat every year since the 2017-18 season, earning a veteran base salary, but has never appeared in more than 17 games in a single season. So far this season, Haslem has played only six games and is really a dispensable role.

As a veteran, Haslem’s role is to be a pep talk on the bench and in the locker room, as a spiritual leader. But in fact now the Heat’s young players do not listen to Haslem’s words, we have not seen him on the court, only think this is a bothersome old man.

Haslem is 42 years old, he has played in the NBA for 20 years, has been in the Heat team, is a representative of one man, one city, but now there are not many fans willing to bless him, more feel that he occupies a position in the Heat team, let young players can not enter the NBA. As a result, Haslem was actually not very popular, and his announcement of retirement was a relief to many people that the man was finally gone.

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