The Lakers still have some hope in the playoffs, Davis is getting better, Westbrook is becoming the focus of conflict

The WESTERN CONFERENCE IS A BIT OF a mess, WITH THE SAME RECORD BETWEEN THE FIRST and eighth teams AND a CHANCE to MAKE the PLAYOFFS, while the teams currently at the bottom of THE WEST are trying their best to make the playoffs. Like the Lakers, few media and fans expected them to make the playoffs, after all, they have Westbrook in the lineup, plus the impact of injuries, the Lakers’ record has plummeted.

However, at this juncture in the playoffs, the Lakers still stood the test, in today’s game against the Warriors, the game won, Davis finished with 39 points, eight rebounds, six assists and two blocks, plus or minus 17. You know, the Warriors can’t win with Curry back. Certainly can’t blame Curry, after several games not play, still need to find the game feel.

It is worth mentioning that the Warriors vs. Lakers game is 1-3 this season, and there are a few games that Westbrook did not play (after the Westbrook trade), Westbrook is really embarrassed, not compatible with anywhere, and now Westbrook is going to be a hot search again.

So do readers think the Lakers have a shot at the playoffs? Welcome to leave a comment!

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