Four Max salaries? Towns 1 for 6 plan: the Warriors reorganize the big four rush crown, the Timberwolves send assists again

As the defending champions, the Warriors are naturally the focus of attention, but they have been up and down in the standings this season, hovering on the edge of the playoffs. There are injuries, of course, but it is also true that the squad is not competitive enough. While Western Conference teams are strengthening, the Warriors let go of a number of key reserves last offseason, then rehired rookies that largely failed to live up to expectations. Wiseman, the No. 2 pick on the inside, has also proved ineffective and devalued.

Now in the West, the Nuggets have the best MVP in Jokic, the SUNS have built a Big Four, even the Mavericks have the best backcourt in the league in Eastern Europe, and other teams are rising. If the Warriors can’t make the playoffs this year, then they need to consider making changes to their roster. FW suggests a big deal between the Warriors and Timberwolves. Four Max salaries? Towns 1 for 6 plan: the Warriors reorganize the big four rush crown, the Timberwolves send assists again

Potential scenario: The Warriors send Drayamin Green, Cuminga, Payton Jr., 2023 +2025 +2027 first-round picks, and get Towns from the Timberwolves

Green’s big contract is about to expire, with only one year left after this season, $27.6 million, and can be used as a major bargaining chip. Although he is not as good as his peak, he has rich experience in the game. He has played six rounds in the finals, and in the contract year, he will work harder to win a good contract extension. Kuminga is a sophomore, only averaging 9 points per game, but he is only 20 years old and still has a lot of training value. Peyton has quality, or the Warriors wouldn’t have spent five rounds to trade him back. The first two of the Warriors’ three first round picks won’t be worth much because of the high luxury tax and the need to produce results, but you never know by 2027, when Curry will be 39 years old and could be a lottery pick.

The Timberwolves, who acquired Gobert in a big trade last year, formed the league’s strongest twin towers, but have not been able to show up, Gobert’s attendance has been able to maintain 80%, when Towns played only 21 games. Now the Timberwolves are no longer able to send Gobert, the trade value has fallen, and in order to activate Gobert, and the trade of Conley, the recent performance has improved, the Timberwolves 3 consecutive wins to the top 6 in the Western Conference, proving that Gobert does have the strength to help the team into the playoffs.

Towns is likely to be given up because the Timberwolves’ rookie bonus period is coming to an end, and Edwards, who is in his third year, is facing a contract extension. He averaged 24.6 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game this season and was selected to the All-Star team, so the Timberwolves are sure to re-sign Edwards at the maximum salary. So the Timberwolves have three Max players? For a small city team, this is clearly not possible, so Towns is most likely to be sent away.

Will the Timberwolves, who sent Wiggins to the Warriors three years ago, send assists again? Curry career so far, has not been with the top interior cooperation, when David Lee entered the All-Star, but Curry is not the peak, then there is a Cousins, but also after the big injury after the state of decline. Now that Towns is only 27 years old, he can maintain the level of 25+10+4 at his peak. The Warriors can not only reorganize the big four of Curry, Klay, Wiggins and Towns to win the championship, but also build a team around Towns and Poole to maintain the competitiveness of the next few years.
Of course, there will be a price to pay for the luxury roster. Towns will make $36 million next season and more than $50 million starting in 2024-25. The Warriors will suddenly have four Max salary players and the luxury tax will explode. But as long as the Warriors can make it to the Finals, with playoff ticket revenue, it is still a sure bet.

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