‘Dopest s**t ever’: Clippers star Paul George relives unforgettable Kobe Bryant moment that has stuck with him through the years

Paul George has been around the block for quite a bit. Right now, he’s plying his trade with the Los Angeles Clippers as he looks to win his first-ever championship playing alongside Kawhi Leonard. This man has been through a lot through the years, but in his mind, there’s one particularly fond memory that stands out.

On a recent episode of his podcast, George revealed an unforgettable encounter he had with Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant. This was during the 2016 NBA All-Star Game when George exploded for 41 points in a marvelous performance. As it turns out, he got a little push from Kobe prior to PG’s scoring eruption:

“Me and Kobe meet at the scorer’s table,” George started. “I’m geekin’. In my mind, it was like, ‘Damn. They could play all day. F**k we could chill right here, me and you. … I’m talking to him, I’m like, ‘Kob, I think I’m going for it.’ And we laughed about it. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s how it starts.’ You make the first couple of baskets, and you know it’s your night. And he’s like, ‘Go get it. Go for it.’”

Thanks to a little bit of inspiration from the Lakers legend, Paul George decided to “go for it.” It resulted in an unforgettable performance for George, and it is also clear that the late, great Kobe Bryant left quite a mark on PG:

“To meet Kobe halfcourt, share that moment — the dopest s**t ever,” George said.

The younger generations in the league no longer have moments like this with Kobe. This is exactly why guys like Paul George hold these encounters so close to their hearts.

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