Lakers star LeBron James rips NBA players in shocking endorsement for Bronny

Did LeBron James just rip some of the NBA players today? Well, that seems to be the case after the Los Angeles Lakers star dropped a tweet endorsing his eldest son Bronny James.

Amid the six-game NBA slate on Wednesday, James sent the whole Twitter world buzzing with a rather shocking statement noting how Bronny was so much better compared to many of the players he watched on League Pass on the day.

“Man Bronny definitely better than some of these cats I’ve been watching on league pass today. Shit lightweight hilarious,” James wrote along with several laughing emojis.

Sure enough, it’s hard to believe that James would make such a Tweet. After all, this is a player seen by many as a leader in the NBA and one that’s often respectful to others. However, he definitely gave the ultimate disrespect to his peers with that tweet.

Now we’re not sure who LeBron James is talking about in his tweet. Many are assuming he’s mocking Grant Williams who botched his game-winning free throws for the Boston Celtics against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but then again, the Lakers forward appears to be pertaining to multiple players.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear James is doing his best to get his son Bronny to the NBA. By the looks of it, nothing will stop him from campaigning for his child, even if it means dissing others who worked hard to get into the league.

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