Fans react to LeBron James’ shocking NBA slander to promote Bronny

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James remains injured, but he’s keeping himself on the headlines with his social media activity. However, his latest tweet about Bronny and the NBA isn’t sitting well with a lot of fans.

Some are even trolling James for his statement in what appears to be a desperate attempt to get his eldest son to the league.

For those who missed it, LeBron seemingly took a shot at some of his NBA peers when he said that Bronny is “definitely better than some of these cats I’ve been watching on league pass today.”

While he didn’t mention any name in his Tweet, several fans assumed he was talking about Grant Williams, who missed his clutch free throws that would have won the game for the Boston Celtics against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Is it Grant Williams? Please say it’s Grant Williams,” a commenter wrote. “It’s definitely grant Williams,” another fan responded.

As for others, instead of focusing on who LeBron James is pertaining on his tweet, they couldn’t help but troll the Lakers forward for making the slander just to endorse his eldest child. Some even compared him to LaVar Ball, who really hyped his children even before they make it to the NBA.

“You know Bronny isn’t that good when [LeBron] is starting the drafting campaign more than a y[ea]r in advance,” a third commenter added.

Another Twitter user shared, “Bron slowly turning into Lavar. Putting a target on Bronny for no reason.” A second critic shared the same sentiment and called James a “Lavar Ball type of dad.”

Here are more reactions to LeBron’s rather shocking tweet:

Here’s to hoping James can follow-up with his tweet. Sure enough, statements like that needs more context.

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