Warriors star Steph Curry shows Nick Young how it’s done with look away triple vs. Thunder

It seemed like the Golden State Warriors were in trouble after Steph Curry injured his knee in early February. However, the Warriors managed to hold the fort, going 7-4 in Curry’s absence as they managed to get themselves into an outright playoff spot. Now, Curry is back to playing as his bravado-filled self as he’s able to razzle and dazzle with his incredible showmanship on Tuesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Early on in the fourth quarter, with the Warriors down by six, 107-101, Curry and Draymond Green ran their patented pick-and-roll, with youngsters Aaron Wiggins and Jaylin Williams saddled with the helpless task of stopping the duo. Surely enough, rookie center Williams was too far down on the pick-and-roll coverage, and Curry does what he does to punish even the most minor defensive lapses – make them pay from beyond the arc.

In fact, Steph Curry knew that hit shot was going through the net the instant it left his hands, as he decided to look away and not watch anymore as the ball swished through the hoop. (Eat your hearts out Nick Young and Kemba Walker, two of the most notorious players to attempt a look away triple and miss.)

Usually, a shot of this magnitude tends to swing the momentum drastically towards the Warriors’ favor. However, as young as this Thunder team may be, they did not allow Curry’s freewheeling dominance to rattle them in the slightest.

Despite Steph Curry’s 40 points at the time of writing, the Thunder managed to claim a 137-128 win over the Warriors. This Thunder victory further clutters the already-congested Western Conference playoff picture, while a Warriors loss sends them closer to the likes of the Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Los Angeles Clippers in the dreaded play-in tournament picture.

These are the kinds of games the Warriors must win given the tough slate that lies ahead for them. Following this road game against the Thunder, the Warriors will face the Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, and Clippers – teams that have plenty of incentive to keep on winning.

Nevertheless, with Stephen Curry not showing any signs of rust, it might not be long before the Warriors go on a season-defining roll once more.

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