WATCH: Mavs star Kyrie Irving destroying courtside Pelicans fan with savage message goes viral

Kyrie Irving has been involved in his fair share of fan altercations throughout what has been a colorful career. The Dallas Mavericks superstar was at it again on Wednesday night, this time deciding to take on a New Orleans Pelicans fan that was sitting courtside.

In the heated exchange, you can clearly hear Irving sending out a savage message to the fan about providing basketball-related advice. Kyrie obviously did not appreciate the guy’s words of wisdom (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

“Nothing like fans telling me how to play basketball. How does that make sense?” Kyrie said.

“How y’all gonna tell me how to play basketball?”

In between Kyrie’s ferocious jabs, the fan clapped back with some savagery of his own. For those that require context, the Amazon reference pertains to Irving’s scandal from last year wherein he promoted an anti-semitic film that was on sale on Amazon. Fans clearly aren’t forgetting about this issue, and some of them seem to be more than happy to throw it in Kyrie’s face whenever the opportunity presents itself.

For what it’s worth, Kyrie Irving actually had a good game against the Pels, finishing with a team-high 27 points, with six rebounds, four assists, a steal, and four triples in 41 minutes of action. His heroics weren’t enough, though, as the Mavs still lost, 113-106. Dallas had difficulty coping with CJ McCollum and the Pels after Luka Doncic was ruled out of the game due to a thigh injury. Mavs fans will be glad to know, however, that Luka’s MRI came back clean, which means that he should be back in the mix sooner rather than later.

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