Charles Barkley trolls Kendrick Perkins amid MVP slander with Bucks’ Giannis joke

Charles Barkley is not one to leave things unsaid. Days after he eviscerated ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins for implying that race has played a factor in Nikola Jokic’s MVP candidacy, the Hall of Famer landed another blow, this time in jest. He used Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo to bring his zinger home.

Fellow TNT personality Shaquille O’Neal stated that he believes Giannis should be crowned the 2022-23 MVP, to which Barkley scathingly replied, “You’re only voting him because he’s black,” via CJ Fogler.

While hysteria permeated the Inside the NBA studio, Perkins’ insinuations were no laughing matter. Regardless of intention, the 2008 NBA champion spewed inaccurate and harmful information. Barkley again punished him for it. Reckless pontificating aside, though, the MVP race should be up for debate.

The Greek Freak’s utter dominance has launched the Bucks back to the top of the NBA. Giannis intends to keep them there. He is averaging a career-high 31 points while also grabbing nearly 12 rebounds per game. The juggernaut has already amassed two MVPs and a Larry O’Brien Trophy, yet he has still managed to amaze fans this season.

Jokic deserves his due, too, though. His lack of postseason success can not cloud a regular season award. He has lifted the Denver Nuggets to unprecedented heights and is a true maestro on the basketball court. No center has ever averaged a triple-double before. He could be the biggest innovator to the game since Stephen Curry. That type of feat usually warrants a plaque, or three.

It is a fun debate to ponder, but Perkins made it much more than that. True to form, Barkley is doing what he can to bring levity back to the MVP race.

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