Durant gave the SUNS unsolved offense, with huge consequences!

The Mavericks vs. the SUNS. The final key moment, Doncic basket miss, completely lost the opportunity to level! The Mavericks’ unfortunate loss told the league that the SUNS with Durant are not invulnerable. Durant to join the sun brings the consequence is the sun’s biggest soft rib!


[1. Preface: The SUNS lost several important players on the front line in order to get Durant. The SUNS are weak on the front line!]

With the exception of Durant, the current SUNS forwards are embarrassing and useless! With Doncic and Irving on their backs, the Mavericks had no relief against the SUNS scorers. Both Eastern Europeans scored 30+ points. So the SUNS ‘defense isn’t stellar. Durant has to defend and attack, which will take a toll on his fitness!


[Consequence 2: The team will become more and more dependent on Durant, which is sure to piss Booker off!]


[Consequence 3: Durant’s age, injuries and conditioning will be a bottleneck for the SUNS]

Durant, 35, has also been hampered by injuries after rupturing his Achilles tendon. He has missed more than 30 games almost every season because of injuries. Durant is tall and has long arms, but his body is slender and slender. With age and injury comes a decline in fitness! When a good team uses up Durant with attackers, Durant’s physical ability easily turns red! Durant played 40 minutes against the Mavericks. If Doncic goes to overtime, Durant will probably be outplayed physically, and the SUNS really won’t win!


Add it all up, and the SUNS may have Durant, but they’re clearly not as bulletproof as the 2017 Warriors were! Durant although to the SUNS brought no solution to the offense, but also to the SUNS brought the biggest weakness!

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