Three in a row! When will Westbrook find his niche?

Today, the Clippers beat the Knicks at home for their third straight win after a five-game losing streak. The two stars played well in this game. The Knicks were missing Brunson and Randle was off his game when he battled through three quarters before collapsing in the fourth.

He started the game but was dnp in the fourth quarter, unable to space the double stars on the court, and his layup percentage is also declining, which makes Westbrook’s role on the court is diminishing, his shortcomings are being amplified, and Westbrook is in urgent need of adjustment.

I don’t think I can shoot. Now Coach Lue could consider putting Westbrook on the bench with someone who can shoot better, like Goldman Batum, instead of Zubatz who can’t shoot or Coach Lue’s own son on the court. The three of them are putting too much pressure on the Stars together, it might be a good option to go off the bench!

Congratulations to Westbrook for passing the Smiling Assassin in assists to ninth all-time.

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