Stephen A. Smith has cryptic comment on ‘personal’ beef with Kyrie Irving

Anyone who watches ESPN knows Stephen A. Smith isn’t someone to hold back on his opinions (legitimate or not). One of the players who seem to catch the most of the fire is Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving.

We always hear how things are always about business, and personal feelings have nothing to do with whatever the dealings are. When it comes to Irving, the opposite appears to be true for Stephen A. Smith, and the already amped-up commentator reaches higher levels when anything Irving-related becomes a topic.

On Sunday, Smith acknowledged things are personal with Irving, and apparently, there’s someone else in the family he has beef with.

“Kyrie and I have our differences on a personal level, which is none of anybody’s business and I’ll never tell why,” Smith said, via the NBACentral Twitter page. “He knows why. And his daddy knows why.”

There’s no telling what happened between the parties involved, but from Smith’s end, it’s enough to have a personal issue with Irving and his father. No wonder the barbs and attacks on Irving seem a little sharper-edged.

Some people would say ESPN’s First Take is a show that’s full of fake debates and outrageous hot takes, but when Jay Williams has been on the show to argue with Smith about Irving topics, Williams would wonder if there is something personal he has with Irving, and Smith would deny that was the case.

Now, we have confirmation something’s there, and knowing the personalities involved, there probably shouldn’t be an expectation of mending fences happening anytime soon. Whatever the personal issues are between Smith and Irving family, let’s hope it doesn’t become uglier than it already is.

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