Curry 36 points, Middleton affair, Warriors beat Bucks in overtime, Bucks look like champions

The Warriors won their seventh straight home game in a row with a 125-116 overtime victory over the Bucks in the NBA regular season that ended earlier.

One, in the face of a daunting schedule, the home Warriors have no room for error.

After the loss to the Hornets, the Warriors suffered three straight losses, for Curry, since his return to the three-game losing streak, is really who who is embarrassing.

Now the west has become a complete mess.

The top four in the West are essentially untouchable, with the Nuggets locked into first place in the West, leaving the Kings, Grizzlies and SUNS in the final standings.

The Warriors’ three-game losing streak and the Lakers’ three-game winning streak have both the Internet stars now in the bonus division.

Many professionals are betting the Lakers will edge out the Mavericks and finish sixth in the Western Conference.

But either way, the Warriors’ fall into the play-offs is becoming a real possibility.

With the Warriors now 27-7 at home, Chase Center has become the toughest road game in the NBA.

At 7-26 on the road, they are a mere road bug in the West.

With the Warriors facing a stretch of road trips in late March when the playoffs were on the line, we can be sure they won 20% of their games on the road, not enough to finish in the top 6 in the Western Conference.

Kuminga, who was injured the day before yesterday, had his foot brace removed today and is day-to-day.

If Wiggins returns soon, the Warriors will have no problem making the play-offs.

The question is only the final standings and who the play-off opponents will be.

Second, after the half, although the Warriors have a 50:49 lead, although from the three-point to the rebound account for the first, but their core problem is still the lack of height inside.

The Bucks have won three straight after a 16-game winning streak was interrupted by the injury of Giannis Antetokounmpo, and they are arguably the most reasonable team in the league, with Crowder’s arrival and Khris Middleton’s initial return to form.

Kerr didn’t have the guts to start another game with the same four guards. It was clear that the Bucks’ interior game was a concern for Kerr.

After halftime, the Warriors took a rare 50-49 halftime lead.

Even rarer, from Divincenzo to Poole and Jermichael. Green, both found their perimeter touch.

But the bad news is that the Bucks can’t beat the three-pointer. They made only one fewer three-pointers in the half than the Warriors.

On March 2, the Bucks won their 16th straight home victory over the Magic. The Bucks made 26 3-pointers, including Russell Lowe and Gregson. Allen, Ingles and Green each had four 3-pointers, while Connaughton and Giannis Antetokounmpo had three.

The Bucks became the first team in NBA history to make at least 25 three-pointers in a game without a player making five or more.

This shows the outside quality of the buck.

This is a big reason why the Warriors are not favored in this game, because even without the alphabet, the Bucks have the interior quality to easily cover Draymond Luni.

There’s basically no comparison between the two teams’ interior thickness.

In the third quarter, Clay Curry’s early surge helped the Warriors push their deficit to double digits, but the Bucks mostly used the paint, thanks to Curry.

In the third quarter, the Warriors took advantage of Clay Curry’s 3-pointer and the Bucks lost their shooting touch to push the lead to double digits.

But the Bucks closed the gap with Lopez dominating the paint on both ends of the floor.

To make matters worse, Draymond returned to the locker room after stepping on a foot that caused a 90-degree deformation of his ankle during the attack. Although Draymond returned to the court quickly, the Warriors, who were already at a disadvantage in the interior, were likely to be absolutely crushed in the remaining time, and no one was sure how long Draymond could survive.

In the fourth quarter, Milwaukee’s perimeter shooters came alive, shooting a shower of arrows, and the Warriors’ scoring effort felt the familiar road chill at Chase Center as opponents responded cold.

In 92:98 was hit after the stop, big Luo still no solution, his abrupt end, so that the Warriors inside the pattern.

Two soft feet by Middleton gave Golden State a chance, and Holiday’s layup was blocked by Curry to force overtime.

Curry’s heroics led to a 7-0 overtime win.

Golden State has won seven straight at home.

The Warriors won because of Curry’s brilliance and Middleton’s masterful play.

Dello, who had 19 points and seven blocks, is the favorite for the defensive Player of the year award.

Holiday had 18 points, nine rebounds and eight assists.

Portis was tough with 15 points and 13 rebounds.

Khris Middleton had 19 points and 4 turnovers. He was really ruined by injuries.

Curry 36 points, indescribable.

Divincenzo had 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Without the alphabet, the Bucks have almost made Chase Center their home court. The Bucks’ bench is truly unfathomable, and they’ve become the biggest title favorite this season.

As for the Warriors, all they have to do now is wait, wait for Wiggins to get out of his family business, wait for Peyton Jr. ‘s early return, wait for the next Jermichael off the bench. Green appears.

But anyway, because of injuries, because of age, the Warriors’ chances of getting out of the Western Conference this season have really diminished.

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