All-star rookie Game: Gasol win Alvarado was named MVP

Pau Gasol won the NBA All-Star rookie Game, beating Noah 25-20.

Gasol: Marcelin had seven points and two assists, Barnes had six points and two rebounds, Alvarado had five points, Bancero had four and Elway had three

Noah: Grimes had 14 points, Jaylen Williams had two points and two assists, Keady had two points and three rebounds, Sohan had one point and one rebound, Smith had one point and two rebounds

According to the format, the first team to score 25 points in the finals of the All-Star rookie game wins. After the game began, the scores of the two sides alternated, Grimes scored consecutive points, Marcelin can also replace. Key moment, Alvarado hit the game-winning 3 to kill the game. In the end, Gasol beat Noah 25-20 to win the rookie championship.

Alvarado was named MVP of the All-Star Rookie game after scoring a team-high 13 points in the semifinals and hitting the game-winning 3-pointer in the final.

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