Rose backing Pochettino return at Tottenham

Former Tottenham fullback Danny Rose can see Mauricio Pochettino returning the club.

Rose has suggested that Tottenham appoint former boss Pochettino if they can’t hold onto Antonio Conte.

The former Spurs defender told JOE: “For me as an outsider looking in Conte being a manager of your football club on paper that’s amazing. For me I would love him to stay but I’m not privy to what is going on with Spurs at the moment on the first-team side.

“But for me as an outsider looking in I’d be over the moon if Conte could stay as Tottenham manager. But if Mauricio Pochettino could be tempted to come back then I’d be saying do everything you can to get him back.

“You sort of see and hear things that Conte says about being able to compete with the bigger teams, which is right, you have to spend quite a bit of money and out of the bigger teams Tottenham might not do that as much as the others, so you have to understand his frustrations.”

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