Curry was injured for several weeks, and the Warriors traded with the Wizards for an All-Star center. defending champion hopeful

Originally, the NBA trading market was turbulent, but the surface was very calm. Kyrie Irving’s operation broke this balance. Many teams aspiring to win the championship are vying for the All-Star starting guard, which is very lively.

Let’s turn our attention back to Golden State. Today, the Warriors defeated the Lone Ranger at home, and Curry was injured again. Now the Warriors are 27 wins and 26 losses, ranking seventh in the Western Conference, only 0.5 wins ahead of the Pelicans who are tenth in the Western Conference. It also means that if they lose some more games, they may fall into the play-offs, or even fall out of the play-offs.

In this regard, American media NBA analysis website reporter James Piercey suggested that the Warriors should seek a deal before the trade deadline, and recommended trading the Wizards All-Star center, and gave a plan.

Trading plan:

Warriors send Rooney, Kuminga, Wiseman, Moody and Baldwin

Wizards trade Porzingis

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