ESPN:Die Lakers haben 15+5+4 Titanen geerntet und James dabei geholfen, die letzten 23 Spiele zu gewinnen!

According to the latest report from the NBA’s Warshen, Barton has reached a buyout agreement with the Wizards. He will officially join the Lakers after the clarification period and become the last member of the Lakers. It is reported that in order to be able to successfully sign the free agent Barton, the two main generals, James and Davis, also personally recruited. It is reported that the two parties have initially reached an intention to join.

Barton may not be very familiar to everyone, but when it comes to the former Lakers champion guard Pope, fans who often follow the Lakers games should know that Barton is one of the bargaining chips for the Nuggets to get Pope from the Wizards. , The Nuggets sent him and Monte Morris to the Wizards in exchange for the old Lakers Pope.

Barton played for the Nuggets last season, averaging 14.7 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game. It can be said that he is a good bench gangster, but it is a pity that he gradually withdrawn from the rotation after being traded to the Wizards. The reused Barton can only seek a buyout. The main reason why Barton fell out of favor was his poor defensive ability on the court. In the Nuggets playoffs last season, he ranked 103rd among all playoff players with a net efficiency of -12.1.

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