Little Peyton deal done! Return of the Warriors confirmed! Trail Blazers hidden injury Warriors to catch up

Peyton Jr. has confirmed his return to the Warriors after the team officially reached a four-way deal for him, ESPN reports.

But the Trail Blazers hid the fact that Peyton Jr. ‘s injury trade, the Warriors will pursue to the bottom.


About this matter, it is estimated that many brothers do not know very well, so here to give you a summary.

At the trade deadline, Warriors executives wanted to sell Wiseman to reduce the Warriors’ luxury tax burden by sending Wiseman away. On the other hand

On the other hand, use the Wiseman trade to bolster and add depth to the roster.

Eventually, the Warriors drafted Peyton Jr. of the Trail Blazers,

The player played for the Warriors last year, the two sides know each other and it will naturally be a pleasure to work together again.

If all goes as expected, it’s certainly a two-pronged operation for the Warriors.

Not only did Wiseman save tens of millions in luxury taxes, but he got back the exterior door he wanted.

But what the Warriors didn’t expect was that during his six months with the Blazers, Peyton Jr. suffered a core muscle injury and played in consecutive games with it. It will now take at least three months to fully recover.

It’s mid-February, and Peyton Jr. has been sidelined for three months, almost season-long.

The Blazers should have come clean about Peyton’s injury before the trade.

According to famed journalist Bobby Marx, NBA officials sent out a memo to teams last week demanding strict disclosure of player health and medical information at the time of trade.

But now, the Blazers chose to play against the wind and will be punished. The Warriors have filed a complaint with the league.

Of course the Warriors have to appeal, after being screwed by the Blazers.

The Wiseman trade, the purchase of Peyton Jr., the Warriors’ only recent addition, has been wiped out by injuries.

That means the Warriors’ only strength this year has gone bust. Meanwhile, the trade deadline passed, and the Warriors missed a chance to make another trade.

If the deal is canceled, the Warriors will be forced to bring Wiseman back. What next for the two sides that have already broken ranks?

Will Wiseman be called a locker room chemical bomb?

In addition, the deal involves four teams. Should the Warriors unilaterally cancel the trade, would they offend the other two teams involved?

Will the Warriors be affected in future trades?

Given those factors, the Warriors always had one way out: admit they were cheated, go ahead and complete the deal, and then appeal to the league for compensation.

Now, the Warriors have asked the league to thoroughly investigate the Trail Blazers.

That means the Warriors will play the Blazers to the bitter end. The ultimate punishment for the Blazers depends on the strength of the league.

Personal speculation, the pioneers are knowingly committed crimes against the wind, trouble all over the city. This time the punishment will be a catastrophe.

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