Reporter: The Lakers and the Eagles made a blockbuster trade

At this point in the NBA season, we’ve got a good idea of who each team is. If you’re concerned about your squad, you’re not overreacting. 

Sure, they’ve got time to turn it around, They very well may. At the same time, they’ve given you a larger enough sample size to draw some conclusions from. 

Unless they overhauled their team at the trade deadline, that is. That’s exactly what the Los Angeles Lakers did. Fair evaluations of this team can’t be started for a while still. 

By contrast, we can have some frank conversations about the Atlanta Hawks. Sure, they traded for Saddiq Bey, but their core group is largely the same.

If they don’t turn things around by the end of the year, they may be forced to make some big changes this summer. 

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Atlanta Hawks Receive: G/F Malik Beasley, F Rui Hachimura, 2027 Second-Round Pick (LAL) 
Los Angeles Lakers Receive: F De’Andre Hunter 

Of course, if these teams both fall short of expectations, there will be rumors. Some will suggest bigger moves than this one. 

They already are. It’s not difficult to find a photoshopped image of Trae Young in a Brooklyn Nets jersey. People are talking, and they’re talking loudly. 

They’re talking about the Lakers, too. It’s been suggested that LeBron James could request a trade. It’s also been proposed that they could shop Anthony Davis. 

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