Knicks center Mitchell Robinson savagely roasted by Chandler Parsons

The New York Knicks are having a fairytale season—that is, except in the mind of starting center Mitchell Robinson. After their 123-107 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on March 14, Robinson took to Snapchat to bemoan is lack of involvement in the team’s offense. In the eyes of Chandler Parsons, the former NBA player turned Mark Cuban’s buddy turned FanDuel TV commentator, this selfishness shown by Mitchell Robinson is unforgivable.

“This is a sign of immaturity. This is selfish. This is him being a bad teammate,” Parsons said on FanDuel TV regarding Robinson’s late night Snapchat story. “His team is finally on top. They’re having a great year. They haven’t done anything with him. They’re now finally getting a taste of success and you just provide this public distraction really and let’s be honest, big guys like this when they go on this rant, what do you want? You want the ball [on isolation plays]?”

“He has zero game. He can’t go and score,” Parsons added. “He’s not like he’s gonna go get buckets, so I don’t really know where he’s getting at. He’s a great, big man that can roll, that can run, that can block shots, that can help defensively… But he will get exposed if they give him the ball… He’s not that guy.”

“You’re picking the wrong battle here because I think if they did do that, it would honestly just end poorly for him,” Chandler Parsons piled on,” and his role is to run, to go basket to basket, catch lobs, get offensive rebounds to impact the game that way and he’ll make $100 million to $150 million doing that. You start giving him the ball on the post and it’s gonna be a long season and a short career for him.”

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