Overnight official announcement 3 signing!Bucks sign mystery center

NBA news: overnight official announcement 3 signing! Bucks sign center, 16 and 17 demon guard back in league, Cavs sign champion guard. First, the Bucks have been so good lately that they’ve won 22 of their last 24 games, including a 16-game winning streak. After beating the SUNS, the Bucks became the first team to win 50 games this season, the most in the league. Antetokounmpo’s ability to lead the team is much better than Durant and others, not only in the regular season, but also in the playoffs he is a minimum guarantee.

Even so, the Bucks are still bolstering their efforts. They recently signed center Myles Leonard, who had been waived by the league for inappropriate comments, but was given a chance to return to the league and was given a 10-day contract by the Bucks. In the interim, Leonard has played well, not in the regular rotation, but his effort and spacing functionality has been recognized by Coach Budenholzer. So the Bucks decided to re-sign him through the end of the season. The Bucks’ real center this season is DPOY candidate Lopez, but Lopez is too slow and has more mobility than Myles Leonard.

Or the Jazz. The Jazz signed guard Kris Dunn to two 10-day contracts, and now the two sides have good news. According to shams, the Jazz decided to keep the former high draft pick, agreeing to a two-year deal with no guaranteed second year. Kris Dunn was the No. 5 pick in the first round of the 2016 draft. The players drafted behind him — Hield, Jamal Murray, Sabonis, Siakam, Dejongtai Murray, Brogdon — obviously didn’t develop as well as those players, and he even mixed up with Zhou Qi, the 43rd overall pick.

But let’s face it, Dunn still has a chance to prove himself. If it weren’t for injuries, Dunn would have little problem developing into a decent role player. During his time with the Bulls, Dunn had a brilliant performance of 16 points, 5 rebounds, 17 assists and 2 steals in a game, and also had a 32 points in a game. Dunn is a good player. When he came out, he was hailed as the successor to Dwyane Wade. He is big, powerful, powerful, and good on offense and defense. But because he repeatedly suffered injuries at the beginning of his fitness and then faded out of the NBA, the Jazz gave him a chance to pursue his dream in the NBA for the first time.

Finally, the Cavs. Just today, Cavs officials announced that they will sign guard Sam Merrill to an unspecified multi-year contract. Sam Merrill may not be familiar to many, but he’s actually a champion NBA guard who won a title with the Bucks in 2021. He’s no longer in the rotation, but he has some experience. Merrill once played in Bucks and Grizzlies. In the championship season, he averaged 3 points, 1 rebound and 0.7 assist per game. He is a complete edge man, a white guard with a height of 193cm. Should be the main reason he impressed the Cavs front office.

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