Rumor has it that the Bulls are interested in Dunro Heat or pack 2 in exchange for Vucevic

Vucevic’s future with the Bulls is uncertain and he could either re-sign early or be sent away. According to Heavy’s Sean Deveney, the Bulls were interested in Duncan Robinson, and the Heat may have swapped him and Yoult Sevine for Usevic.

In an interview, an NBA executive said, “There aren’t many teams actively pursuing big men. Maybe it will take an injury to start the season before people start filling in big men again. The exception is probably the Heat, who wanted to bring in a big man through a trade and haven’t done it yet.”

The executive continued: “The Bulls had some interest in Dunlo. If the Heat really want Ucevic, that could set the stage for a trade. Of course, the Heat would have to package up Yurt Sevine and give the Bulls a big man. The Bulls might also want the Heat to take Tony Bradley with them to keep their payroll under the luxury tax.”

Ucevic’s four-year $100 million contract expires in 2023. He’ll make $22 million next season. It was previously reported that the Bulls were in talks with Vucevic about an early extension, and he could get a new four-year contract worth $118 million. After all, Ucevic will turn 32 years old, and the Bulls just re-signed lavine, which would have locked up future cap space.

Dunrow’s performance declined in the 2021-22 season, and his shooting total fell below 40 percent. But Dunro has been a solid performer in the last two seasons, and the Bulls may want to take a chance on him. Yalt Seveln, a 2020 draft pick, averaged 5.3 points and 5.3 rebounds in 56 games for the Heat last season, shooting 52.6 percent from the field, showing great rebound ability and potential.

The Heat’s roster has always had two flaws: it lacks an interior fire and a guard capable of making plays on his own. Bringing in Vucevic would fill the interior hole, but the risk of Vucevic re-signing would be shifted to the Heat.

Will the deal go through?

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