$270 million over five years? Harden is best for Clippers, Westbrook could be dumped by Clippers

James Harden has changed his agent in order to negotiate a New Deal with Philadelphia, according to sources in the United States. Sources say Harden wants Philadelphia to offer him as much as $270 million over five years. If the 76ers are not willing to sign Harden to a new contract, they will leave the team. Harden’s former team, the Rockets, also courted the former leader, as the Rockets cleared $70 million in cap space this summer, enough to pay Harden his maximum salary. However, the Rockets are still in the process of rebuilding, which is not the best choice for Harden, because he wants to win a championship.

If Harden is in it for the money, he doesn’t have to take a salary cut to get $68 million over two years with the 76ers. Therefore, I think Harden’s team wants to use the Rockets to get the Sixers a good deal for Harden. Harden will have to rethink his future after the 76ers fail to win a championship. Now that Durant has joined the SUNS and they’re back in the hunt for a title, Harden may have realized that Philadelphia can’t win a championship if it’s just him and Embiid. So, is there a team in the league that can offer Harden a big enough salary with a big enough roster? In my opinion, Harden is the best fit for the Clippers. In terms of individual ability, the Clippers have two stars, one is Kawhi Leonard, one is Paul George. In addition, Harden’s former teammate Gordon was sent to the Rockets before the trade deadline to bolster their roster.

Ballmer, the Clippers’ boss, is the richest man in the NBA, financially speaking. If Harden shows up, Ballmer will offer him a whopping price. As for the luxury tax, let the big boss deal with it. Of course, there’s a good chance Harden will make some salary compromises to meet the current salary cap. Once Harden is on the Clippers, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Harden will be the top three. Add in Plumlee, Zubatz, Covington and Gordon, all three of the best players in the league, and the Clippers have a head coach in Tyronn Luzown. If Harden goes to the Clippers, he’s the SUNS ‘closest rival in the Western Conference.

To improve their roster, the Clippers acquired Westbrook in a $780,000 trade. Westbrook is statistically much better than the Lakers, but the Clippers have lost four straight games since he joined them. It turned out Westbrook didn’t play well with the Clippers. He is likely to be dumped by the Clippers’ front office this summer. The older Harden gets, the more different his style of play gets. He’s averaging 10.8 assists this season, which ranks first, and the Clippers’ offense would be greatly improved if they could get a passer of that caliber. Meanwhile, his former teammate Russell Westbrook is likely to leave the Clippers after Harden joins the team. Given Westbrook’s current condition and his embarrassing encounter, it will be hard for him to get another job in the NBA. What do you think about that? Welcome to leave comments and exchange, Xiaobian one by one reply!

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