Lakers slapped with concerning Anthony Davis truth bomb amid D’Angelo Russell’s surge

D’Angelo Russell’s return from injury came just in time, as the Los Angeles Lakers continue to battle for a Play-In spot out in the West. Russell has been outstanding in the two games since he came back from an ankle injury, which in turn, has relieved Anthony Davis from much of the burden for LA.

If you ask NBA insider Nick Wright, however, there appears to be some concern for the Lakers on the AD front. The renowned analyst was quick to point out that as soon as Russell came back from injury, it seems that Davis decided to pull himself back:

“Anthony Davis had been playing great. Then what happened Friday? D’Angelo Russell came back,” Wright said. “I’m not blaming this on D’Lo at all. … It’s like the moment that it’s like, ‘Oh, maybe I don’t have to be excellent for us to win,’ [Davis] throttles down a bit.”

Wright did point out that Davis had been exceptional for the Lakers on the defensive end in the two games Russell has been back in the mix, but offensively, it’s as if AD fell from a cliff. In the past two games, Davis has averaged just 12.5 points on 12.5 field-goal attempts per game. This is in stark contrast to his average production of 33.0 points on 20.6 attempts in the six games without D’Angelo in the picture.

Does Nick Wright have a point here? Is Anthony Davis intentionally “throttling down” now that D’Angelo Russell is back? LeBron James is on the mend as well, so it will be very interesting to see if this theory holds once the Lakers’ Big 3 is fully healthy.

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