Anthony Davis’ First Reaction To His Poor Clutch Sequence In Recent Loss Against Mavericks

Superstar Anthony Davis has had to shoulder the offensive load for the Los Angeles Lakers without LeBron James, and at times, he has been successful in doing so. However, it seems as though the big man still needs to work on his late-game execution.

The Los Angeles Lakers recently played the Dallas Mavericks. Though it looked as though the Lakers would win, Anthony Davis ended up having a poor end to the game, missing a big free throw, and then fouling Maxi Kleber on a 3PT shot that gave him three free throws. After the game, Davis offered a reaction to his mistakes, noting that he shot the free throw a little to the right, and added that he is “still processing the loss”.

“Kinda tough. Shot a little right”, said Davis. “Giving up three at that point… still kind of processing.”

There is no doubt that Anthony Davis will end up being better from this mistake. Though this is a tough loss, the Lakers can make the playoffs through the play-in tournament, and not all is lost.

This season, Anthony Davis has averaged 26.1 PPG, 12.6 RPG, and 2.1 BPG for the Los Angeles Lakers, and it is clear that he has been dominant for the team. The team will need that and more from him if they are to make the playoffs, and Davis needs to keep giving the Lakers a chance to win every game.

Anthony Davis Has Disappointed LeBron James This Season

It was previously reported that LeBron James is disappointed with Anthony Davis this season. The report mentioned that aren’t necessarily hostilities between the two, but noted that “they’re not guys”.

“I’d been tipped by somebody around the Lakers that said LeBron and AD, after that reaction to LeBron breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record, they’re not boys. It’s not hostile, but they’re not guys, right?” Colin Cowherd said. “You can tell from body language.”

“I think there is a feeling LeBron feels like he kind of needs him for at least this year because I had been told, in the last year, there are times LeBron is disappointed. [Davis] came in post-bubble out of shape. It was his turn to sort of triumphantly take the team. When LeBron’s missing, AD’s often not playing as well. … And there’s been some disappointment in the LeBron camp.”

Hopefully, we see Anthony Davis dominate for the rest of the season with the Los Angeles Lakers. He has had good performances as of late, but this loss definitely stung more. The Lakers will need him to bounce back, and we’ll see if he rises up to the challenge.

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