Suns coach Monty Williams reveals Kevin Durant’s current mindset amid lingering ankle injury

Monday night’s matchup against the defending champs Golden State Warriors would have been a very intriguing contest for Kevin Durant as he faces off against one of his former teams. It wasn’t to be, though, as KD continues to nurse a lingering ankle injury that is expected to keep him out for a currently undisclosed period.

Before the game, Suns coach Monty Williams revealed just how much Durant wants to be out there with his teammates. The former league MVP suffered the injury right before he was supposed to make his home debut for Phoenix, which likely adds to KD’s incessant desire to be back on the court:

Kevin wants to play,” Williams said, via Duane Rankin of azcentral. “I hate answering stuff like that because if I say anything, it becomes a thing, right? I think it speaks to how badly he wants to play. I haven’t gotten many reports outside of he’s progressing.”

Obviously, Williams is being very cautious about providing a timetable for Durant’s return to action, which could mean that KD actually isn’t that close to coming back. Earlier reports indicate that the Suns could choose to push back Durant’s return toward the end of the regular season, which at this point, appears to be a distinct possibility.

“With those kind of injuries, you tend to get better every day,” Williams added. “And he’s getting around-the-clock treatment. I guess it is a good sign.

“He’s just been getting up shots. He’s about the same. He’s just getting more treatment. Just trying to figure it out. How can we get back to a place he can get back to a full practice and then progress from there.”

The Suns are going to be very cautious with their new superstar’s injury, and they clearly have no intention of rushing him back.

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