Reversal, Mbappe contract secret clause exposed! Paris is afraid of losing money, 15 crowns become a big winner

As for Mbappe’s future, we all know that his contract extension to Paris is nothing more than a 160 million euro loyalty bonus, and then the world’s first annual salary. Mbappe is still a Real Madrid fan at heart, having previously been photographed watching Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey match on his mobile phone during a Grand Paris event.

Now the French media have directly exposed the secret terms of Mbappe’s contract. L ‘Equipe said: “Mbappe has a 2+1 contract extension with Paris, in which he has the option to terminate his contract in the second year of 2024. Then he can leave for free, so there are only four months left for Mbappe to activate his contract. If he does not activate in the summer, he will basically be gone by 2024.”

Through the report of L ‘Adil, we also understand that Mbappe’s contract extension is too smart, knowing that these years are his peak period, the shorter the contract extension time, the more likely to get more signing fees and salary increases in the future. Therefore, in the extension of the 2+1 contract, the third year is required to be activated by themselves. PSG, however, have not been doing so well this season, falling 1-0 down to Bayern in the first leg of the Champions League.

The team is likely to reach the first knockout round of the Champions League for two consecutive years, and the French league itself is less exposed than the English Premier League and La Liga, so it is difficult for a superstar like Mbappe to win the Ballon d ‘Or in France. So Paris in 2024 is very likely to be empty of money, and Mbappe’s choice is still Real Madrid, it can be said that the 15 champions of Real Madrid has become a big winner. We can get Mbappe for free, even if the total signing fee of 150 million euros is not a loss.

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