World Player of the Year, where is Messi’s ceiling

Lionel Messi has been named World Player of the Year for the seventh time.

In the early morning of February 28, Beijing time, FIFA 2022 annual awards ceremony was held in Paris, France. Argentina’s Lionel Messi, who led his team to the World Cup title in Qatar, was named the men’s Player of the Year for the seventh time in his career.

“Without the World Cup, we wouldn’t be here.” “It’s the best thing in my career,” Messi said. I want to thank my family and all the Argentines who have experienced this World Cup in such an exciting way.” After winning the World Player of the Year title for the seventh time, Messi has won a total of seven Ballon d ‘Or, seven World Player of the Year and 42 championship trophies. In terms of global influence, almost no one can match Messi, and in addition to honors, Messi brings more care and warmth to the world, and the world Footballer of the Year deserves the title.

Messi’s arrival has caused a surge of attention in the French league

In 2021, when Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain and Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United attracted worldwide attention, the discussion between the two teams and the league reached its peak.

Since Messi joined Paris Saint-Germain, the attention of France’s Ligue 1 directly jumped to the third, second only to La Liga and the English Premier League, and Paris Saint-Germain’s news attention once came to the world’s first.

It is worth mentioning that Messi only posted three stories on Instagram in that year, namely, winning the Copa America, Messi leaving Barcelona and Messi joining Paris. These three stories became the top three in the history of the total number of likes on Instagram sports related content, while Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United only ranked fourth.

Messi’s arrival has also benefited the French league. According to media reports, since Messi’s arrival, the official accounts of the French league have increased by more than 23 million followers. Messi’s influence has formed a qualitative change to the French league, and the French league has also been selling copyright because of Messi’s profit. After Messi joined the French League, the ratings of the French League soared, and even India and Vietnam began to broadcast the French League.

In Africa and the Middle East, viewership for Ligue 1 has also risen at an impressive rate, with the national Derby between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille up 76% from the same period last season. It is worth noting that due to Messi’s arrival, Belgium will broadcast French League One again after a gap of three years, and Sweden and Norway will also start to increase the number of French League One broadcasts.

The same Gucci pajamas were killed in seconds, “the strongest belt goods king” was born

In the recent World Cup in Qatar, Messi led Argentina to win the World Cup. After winning the title, Messi’s global influence has been enhanced again, and this has attracted fans to buy the same clothes in a frenzy, in the marketing level, this is the most tangible manifestation of Messi’s influence.

Messi’s World Cup win post on Instagram has become the most liked post in history, sparking a heated discussion among fans. The story of Argentina’s victory surpassed the previous most-liked story in football in just one day.

After Argenti won the championship, the price of Messi’s “same shirt” and “shoes” rose sharply in the second-hand market, and even was once out of stock. Among them, Adidas brand official channels have shown sold out, including Messi’s No. 10 shirt is directly out of stock. In addition, the price of Messi’s exclusive golden boots, the X Speedportal Messi.1 “Leyenda”, has also started to rise. At present, the price of this golden boot, which is priced at 2,599 yuan, has rushed to 11,000 yuan on other secondary platforms.

Messi’s influence is not only reflected in the World Cup stage, not long ago in the New Year, another Messi piece of the same item was again snapped up.

On January 1, Messi posted a photo on his social media account to celebrate the New Year with his family, but the Gucci pajamas were sold out soon after he posted the photo.

It is reported that the shirt and trousers are sold separately, the shirt is priced at 858 euros to 960 euros (about 7,014 yuan), the trousers are priced at 1,183 euros (about 8,734 yuan), a set of about 15,000 yuan, is currently out of stock.

Earlier, Adidas told the media, “We are producing as fast as possible in the face of huge demand, so that we can provide the clothes to all fans in the event that Argentina becomes the world champion.” And Messi has once again proved his unlimited commercial value, to this, many fans called Messi the “strongest cargo king” on the pitch.

Messi speaks for world health

In addition to having fans all over the world, Messi has also extended his love around the world. Over the years, Messi has been committed to public welfare, focusing on children’s diseases and health.

In 2007, Messi set up the Leo Messi Charitable Foundation, which continues to focus on children’s projects. In addition, the Messi Foundation has given a €30 million grant to a hospital in Barcelona to establish a children’s cancer center. In addition to the fund raising, Messi donated 3 million euros of his own money, which gives hope to hundreds of desperate children who fight cancer each year.

It is worth mentioning that Messi’s road to public welfare has also forged an inseparable bond with China. In 2007, Messi participated in the “FC Barcelona China Trip ‘Dream Realization’ charity Night for the Disabled” large-scale charity gala, helping the education of disabled children and teenagers in poor areas in western China.

The Messi Foundation also runs an innovative charity project called “Little Athletes”. The program uses equestrian therapy to provide rehabilitation treatment for children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and other diseases.

Messi recorded a video of Amparo, a child suffering from cancer

In 2021, when Messi won his seventh Ballon d ‘Oro award, a cancer-stricken Argentine child named Amparo burst into tears as she watched her idol on television. She idolized Messi. The girl’s family later reached out to Messi via social media, hoping to get their idol’s blessing.

In the video, Messi said to the girl: “Hello, Amparo. Are things getting better? I want to give you a big greeting, hope this greeting will inspire you, wish you all the best.” And it became the best medicine for girls to fight the disease.

These charitable projects are just the tip of the iceberg of Messi’s many grants, and as one of the most expensive players in the world today, Messi has put this wealth to good use, so he can become an icon for fans around the world. Messi’s popularity has long gone beyond the field of sports itself, has spread from football to all parts of the world, and this is the influence of Messi.

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