MNM breaks up! Messi + Mbappe wants to leave, Neymar stays, Paris lineup welcomes a big change

According to donbalon, it is “inevitable” that the MNM team will break up this summer, and the Paris lineup will see a big change, with at least one of the three Messi, Mbappe and Neymar leaving.

Messi joined on a free transfer in the summer of 2021, joining Neymar and Mbappe to form the MNM combination. These three abilities and combined power, no less than Barcelona’s MSN, and Real Madrid’s BBC combination. Last season, Messi’s performance was relatively flat. After more than a year together, Messi has found his form this season, Neymar is also in great form, and the current MNM combination may be the best shape we have seen.

The numbers show this: just over half way through the schedule, Mbappe has 27 goals and 6 assists, Neymar has 18 goals and 17 assists, Messi has 16 goals and 14 assists, and the three have scored 61 goals! As long as the normal play, by the end of the season, the MNM combination of total goals can easily break 100, and even challenge the MSN single season record of 122 goals, it is not impossible. At the same time, MNM’s understanding is also increasing, many of these goals are directly assisted by each other.

Paris are getting closer to the inevitable rebuilding, in large part due to the club’s failure year after year in the Champions League, which seems to be the case again this year, with all sides expecting them to beat Bayern away from home. Paris have lost patience with Neymar, 31, and Le Parisien reports that Nasser has decided to sell the former Barcelona player in the next transfer window. However, according to L ‘Equipe, Neymar himself does not agree with the decision and has no intention of leaving Paris, which in turn will have an indirect impact on his teammate and friend Messi.

Last season, Paris had a financial deficit of 390 million euros, and in one season the club’s payroll increased from 500 million to 730 million. Paris sporting director Louis Campos has admitted that some figures have forced them to cut next season’s wage bill by 30%. With Messi currently earning €41m a year, €55m for Mbappe and €36m for Neymar, it was inevitable that Paris would shed at least one of its three biggest stars.

Given Mbappe’s age and potential, Paris want to keep the star player. However, Mbappe’s contract only signed until 2025, Paris is not confident and certain to retain the person, the French superstar wants to go to Real Madrid, this idea has not changed.

Neymar doesn’t want to leave, and that will push Messi out of Paris. It HAS BECOME CLEAR THAT Paris do NOT HAVE THE SALARY TO RENEW Massey’S CONTRACT, which EXPIRES IN June. Messi is happy in Paris and a contract extension can be discussed, but if the situation changes, he will consider other options.

This summer window, MNM combination of three, at least one will leave, Messi’s departure is currently the highest probability. Next season, Paris could have a completely different squad.

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