10 Life Stories of ‘Talented soccer star’ Kylian Mbappe! A ninja turtle with a bump in the face, a hot girlfriend who is transgender, and the most expensive football player on the planet (1)

He started playing football at the age of four under the influence of his father

Mbappe was born in Bondi, a poor town on the outskirts of northeastern France. His father, Wilfred Mbappe, was originally a refugee (with Cameroonian and Nigerian roots) but emigrated to France for a better job as a local football coach and later met Mbappe’s mother, a retired handball player.

With the influence of his father, Mbappe started playing football at the age of four and developed a great interest in football. At the age of five, he joined the Bondi Sports Association. With his extraordinary talent, Mbappe was already attracting the attention of many clubs hoping to sign with him at the age of 12. Breaking Thierry Henry’s record and becoming the youngest ever professional footballer at the time.

In addition to his father, who is a football coach, Mbappe’s younger brother Ethan is also a professional footballer, playing for Paris Saint-Germain’s youth team. His half brother is also a professional footballer.

Since childhood football is bigger than everything, the goal is as high as the moon

Mbappe has been a huge football fanatic since childhood and knows exactly what he wants to do. His father once described him as: “My son’s passion for football is far more crazy than I thought. He can watch four or five games in a row.” He focuses his time on football and neglects everything that is not important, including reading.

No wonder he has been one of the most visible stars in French football since the age of six. But talent alone is not enough. It takes hard work to make him rise in a short period of time. He was also aware of his ambitions for football, so he declared at a young age: “I would rather aim as high as the moon, because if I fail, I can at least go as high as the clouds.”

He has no regrets about losing his normal youth, Mbappe told Time magazine in an exclusive interview about what it was like to be famous at a young age: “My life seems to have been turned upside down, but I feel quite happy because I’m living my dream life. Maybe I’m missing out on some things, like normal teenage things, hanging out with friends, having a good time and so on.”

he became the youngest international to play for France at the age of 18

What are you doing at 18? He may be in high school or college and still not find his way in life, but Mbappe has made it to the French national team, becoming the youngest international player ever to play for France, and at the 2018 World Cup (aged 19), he scored two goals and scored a 12-yarder in the round of 16 against Argentina, a performance that captured the global spotlight.

He became the first player under the age of 20 to score twice in the knockout stage of the World Cup in 60 years, equalling Billy’s record of 60 years ago. His brilliant performance was praised by the media and the new Henry (French legend) and even “new Billy”, to describe the new star.

At 19 years old, Mbappe has been described by the media as a mature player. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo who showed off his footwork in his early days, Mbappe only does the right thing at the right time, playing like an old star who has been playing for more than a decade and was an important factor in France’s success.

Wearing the number 7 shirt pays tribute to his childhood idol Cristiano Ronaldo

Although Mbappe wore the number 10 shirt at the World Cup, a symbol of his country’s attacking core, he wore the number 7 shirt at Paris Saint-Germain because of his childhood hero Cristiano Ronaldo.

The walls of Mbappe’s childhood room are already covered with Cristiano Ronaldo posters. He would imagine the room as a football stadium and rehearse different goals in his mind in the hope that one day he will be the centre of attention like Ronaldo. Now he is almost there, and at the age of 23, he will definitely become the biggest star in the game.

Thierry Henry, France’s legendary No14, was full of praise for Mbappe, saying: “Mbappe is a quiet man, but his determination and never giving up is what makes him so successful. He is a player with skill, goals and assists.”

The transfer became a matter of state

As Mbappe’s contract at Paris Saint-Germain was about to expire last summer, it was reported that he was likely to sign for Real Madrid. Even the Spanish newspaper ABC reported that Real Madrid had offered Mbappe a six-year contract, which is as good as Cristiano Ronaldo’s. This will make the French football community worried about losing the star of France.

Even French President Emmanuel Macron and former President Nicolas Sarkozy have lobbied for Mbappe to stay at PSG, which he admits is his duty as French president.

“Yes, we did talk when Mbappe decided to move forward on his own. I advised him to stay in France, and as president I believe it is my duty to defend my country in this informal, friendly atmosphere,” Maccone said. It can be seen that Mbappe’s departure has become a national affair in France.

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