Mbappe: five rumored girlfriends and three “sister and brother love”, including transgender supermodels

Born on December 20, 1998 in Bondi, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, Mbappe is only 24 years old this year.

The other half of a football star, the private life of a football star, is often the focus of attention from the outside world, such as my last article wrote that a good man like Messi, more than 20 years love only one woman Antonella, and Cristiano Ronaldo, such a relatively more tidbit of football star. Rumours of Mr Mbappe’s private life, then, have been relatively rare. Let’s take stock.


Mbappe’s personal strength is too strong, whether it is from the physical condition, or the ball skills and business, are top, in the words of a football journalist, is “the existence of a demon”.

So with the last World Cup, that is, after the 2018 World Cup, Mbappe has many nicknames, such as “football turtle”, “football star”, “new Pele”, “new Ronaldo”, “new Henry” and so on.

For the first time in the history of the game, this is a young star whose name has been compared to that of a former superstar. No wonder Mbappe tops the list of the 11 most expensive people at the Qatar World Cup, worth 160 million euros.

With such a high price tag, does his personal life also shine?

Back in 2019, French news outlets were reporting a move to Real Madrid when Mbappe suddenly courted a Spanish actress, Ester Exposito, on his personal social media account.

Mbappe rarely uses personal social media.

The actress once starred in the drama School Storm, playing the little Marquis, and became a world famous actress for her role in the TV show.

At that time, the actress posted every message, especially beauty photos, Mbappe wanted to like her, so some media said: “The player sad beauty pass, is Mbappe also reached the age of love.”

However, it was later revealed that Benzema and Vinicius both liked Estelle Exposito, and that Vinicius often liked Estelle Exposito’s photos, but the “Marquise” did not seem to respond to him.

Mbappe and Estelle Exposto “story” did not last long, in April this year, the French media broke the news that Mbappe actually has a girlfriend, is a model, or a university student, usually while studying part-time photo covers, not famous, but very beautiful, long legs, first-class figure.

Her name is de Warib.


According to the data, Mbappe and de Warib had an affair as early as the 2018 World Cup, and later the media photographed the two at the same time in the stands to watch the ball. At that time, de Warib only showed a side face, but the appearance of the big beauty was clearly visible, especially a head of blonde hair, very attractive.

However, the two also stopped watching football together at that time, and from the sitting posture of both sides, the degree of intimacy is not enough, Mbappe is more like a football teacher to explain football knowledge to the little fan sister.

As for the deeper relationship, it has not been confirmed by the media, although the media reported that it is a couple, but no reporters have photographed the two playing a game of squares.

And both men kept a low profile at the time, not spinging dog food in public or Posting frequent feeds for fans to eat.

And then there’s the rumored girlfriend, who has an Afro, that Mbappe’s fans are particularly impressed with.

The “afro”, named Alicia Aylies, translated into Chinese is Alicia Aylies, is a French Miss, hot and sexy figure, beautiful face.

Back in the summer of 2018, Eilis wore a French shirt in the stands to cheer for the French team, and Mbappe was very eye-catching, tall and burly, very heroic, and the two quickly met and came together.

Eilis and Mbappe are also about the same age, but born in April, she is eight months older than Mbappe.

But the two have never made a formal statement about their relationship, nor have they interacted on social media, and it is possible that Mbappe does not like too much publicity about his personal life.


In September, media reports surfaced that Mr. Mbappe had romped by the sea with a woman, Maria Luisa, a transgender model nine years his senior. It’s also said to be 8 years older.

Ines Law was a male until the age of 16, when she underwent surgery to become a female.

When the media photographed, the two people at the seaside holiday, two people not only sit in a yacht, but also very sweet, chat very happy, in the proud, two people flew to the beach, Mbappe also played with the girl “princess hug”.

Although the girl’s physique is also tall and plump, with Mbappe’s excellent physical quality, or easily picked up the girl.

The news said that this girl is not simple, is a beautiful reporter from Italy, also served as a newspaper leader, that is, the famous sports media “Turin sport” president.

Her father was also a famous journalist, and both father and daughter were famous newspapers.

At the same time, this girl is also a model, also very interested in football, think also is normal, do sports reporter? No wonder the chat with Mbappe is very speculative, talk to the emotional place, kiss hug high. You know, football is like life for Mbappe.

communication, it is reported that the two are separated, because the girl Maria Luisa is busy with her modeling career in Italy, while Mbappe is busy with every day of the season in Paris Saint-Germain, either competition or intensive training, the two are difficult to get together.

It has since emerged that the model will soon be in a relationship with the Paris Saint-Germain striker, juggling work and life.


As the World Cup in Qatar approached in October, Mbappe stepped up his courtship with women.

However, he and girls generally have little interaction on social media, and as a soccer player, his range of activities is extremely limited and he is not easily photographed by the media.

The news, is the British “Daily Mail”, said Mbappe is with the Belgian supermodel Rose Bertram good, and each other has been dating for several months, estimated that the square game has played the wind and water, but from yesterday’s game, did not affect Mbappe’s game play.

According to some sources, the supermodel Rose Bertram is 27 years old, three years older than Mbappe, and is also a “brother and sister”.

Bertram, who is of European and African heritage and has a Belgian father and a Cape Verdean mother, often appears on variety shows and is the face of several luxury brands, and earns a lot of money every year. There are 850,000 followers, of course Mbappe is one of them, little fan brother.

It is worth noting, however, that this Bertram had once been van der Wel’s girlfriend.

Van der Wiel was once a Dutch international and a very famous footballer, although not as famous as Mbappe. Bertram and van der Vere dated for eight years and had two children together. Van der Veer retired as a football player in 2019, divorced Bertram and left their two children with Bertram.


Three of Mbappe’s rumored girlfriends are “sister types” who are older than Mbappe, which may be because French boys prefer more mature women.

In fact, Mbappe is a pretty competent footballer, and he keeps a low profile in his private life, rarely appearing in public with his rumored girlfriends and staying off social media. Of course, it may also be personal personality.


Three of Mbappe’s rumored girlfriends are “sister types” who are older than Mbappe, which may be because French boys prefer more mature women.

In fact, Mbappe is a pretty competent footballer, and he keeps a low profile in his private life, rarely appearing in public with his rumored girlfriends and staying off social media. Of course, it may also be personal personality.

In fact, before this, Mbappe has represented the Grand Paris 141 appearances, scored 103 goals, assisted 59, the average goal per game is more than one, God, this is not the average football player can achieve the goal, and the current price is sky high, such a player is really rare.

According to the latest news in the French media, Mbappe will be in the next three years of blockbuster contracts, the total is estimated at 630 million euros. If you think about it, how much money is converted into RMB? Some statistics are 4.5 billion yuan. If this figure is established, it will surpass the predecessor Messi and create the most expensive price in the history of sports.

Some have compared Mbappe to his former teammate Neymar, who also has speed but is strong on the dribbler and has an excellent sense of the ball. As for Mbappe, he has a great sense of the ball, a good sense of scoring in front of goal, and can give the other team a fatal blow when it is crucial.

However, some people say that Mbappe looks less comfortable with the ball than Neymar, who can instantly pass three or four people with the ball, looking very enjoyable and artistic. Of course, this is a personal hobby.

At present, almost everyone believes that Mbappe will be the best successor to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, hoping that he will take every step of life and continue to fly on the road of dreams.

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