They are the youngsters of the Argentina team! They wrote poems for Messi and pursued his dreams

After Croatia beat Argentina 3-0 in Russia four years ago, Luka Modric lamented: “Messi is amazing, but he can’t do it all by himself.”

Four years later in Qatar, Messi is still incredible, but he doesn’t have to do it all by himself.

Messi played more easily alongside Alvarez. Alvarez, 22, stepped in when Lionel Messi suffered a thigh injury in Qatar; When Messi is kept tight, Enzo Fernandez, 21, and McAllister, 24, can also deliver key assists and goals… Argentina, with an average age of 27.9, is still the “third oldest” team in the World Cup round of 32, but Messi is surrounded by a group of reliable youngsters who once shared the same dream of “playing in the World Cup with Messi”.

Messi finally found a reliable strike partner Alvarez. After winning the semifinal against Croatia, Messi was named MVP of that match, but he gave the honor to young Alvarez.

“Alvarez was above everyone, he had a phenomenal game, he opened things up, he knocked everyone down and he deserved the man of the match award.”

The kids around Messi are all grown up. As Messi said, Alvarez’s performance in the semi-final was too impressive. Remember, the last Argentinian to score two goals in a World Cup semi-final was Maradona and the last player under 23 to score two goals was Pele. Being able to put his name alongside the likes of Maradona and Pele speaks volumes about Alvarez’s brilliance.

The 22-year-old made his international debut last year and, two months before the World Cup in Qatar, has yet to confirm his place in the national team.

Alvarez breaks through the door. Argentina have so many talented players that Alvarez has already made his mark at Manchester City, but his place in the national team remains controversial. Holding the “substitute script” of Alvarez in his first World Cup trip, he snatched the “starting script” of his teammates — in the group stage against Poland, Alvarez’s goal showed his excellent physical quality, and teammates into the wall after carrying the opposition defender to the far corner of the net.

Enzo Fernandez kisses the Argentina badge after scoring. If Alvarez is the “answer” to Messi’s striking partner at this World Cup, Enzo Fernandez has been one of the biggest surprises in Argentina’s midfield.

It was N ‘Zon’s stunning overhead kick that found Alvarez for the penalty in the stunning win over Croatia.

But it wasn’t the first time Enzo had made Argentina fans wowed at the World Cup, as the 21-year-old from the post-00s scored a stunning curling goal in the group match win over Mexico.

Enzo Fernandez curled in the winner. It was Enzo’s first goal for his country in his first World Cup appearance, making him Argentina’s youngest World Cup scorer since Lionel Messi in 2006. Enzo and Alvarez have a lot in common – the two stars who came through River Plate’s youth system grew up watching Messi and both said it was their dream to “play with him in the World Cup”.

Enzo won the Young Player of the Year award. Just six years ago, when Messi opted out of the Argentina national team at a low point in his career, Enzo penned a poem to keep him: How do we convince you? It would be disastrous if we were ourselves.

How can we convince you? If we never took 1% of the pressure on your shoulders.

You wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror and you know that over 40 million people are demanding perfection from you and it’s being forced on you.

How can we convince you? If we fail to understand that you are a human being, an unmatched talent, the best player on the planet. But you’re human, after all.

How can we convince you? If we don’t stop for a moment and realize that you’re not responsible for the failures that make us angry, we’re often fanning our own frustrations.

Let’s look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we’re asking 1% of ourselves as much as we’re asking of this person we don’t know.

How do we convince ourselves? It’s hard to see every one of us fawning over you, when on holiday you could have been lying on the beach, but you chose to be there running and representing our country. And some people are just watching to see if you run or sing the national anthem.

Do what you want, Leo, but consider staying, staying for the fun of it, that’s what they took from you. In a world of ridiculous pressures, they managed to rob the game of its noblest thing, the fun.

As a kid, you want to dream of representing your country and having fun at the same time. Watching you play in blue and white is the greatest pride in the world. Play for fun, because when you’re having fun, you don’t know how much fun you’re giving us.

Thank you. I’m sorry.

Enzo himself could not have imagined at the time that he would become an important part of Messi’s “happy football” again.

McAllister scored against Poland. It was not just Enzo who benefited from coach Scaroni’s midfield change, but Alexis McAllister, who provided the assist in the final.

McAllister, 24, is a little older than Alvarez and Enzo, and he’s the least “South American.”

Born in South America, McAllister has Scottish and Irish roots, thanks to a history of immigration to Argentina. Despite some differences in name and appearance from Argentina’s “indigenous”, he was born with football genes.

His father Carlos McAllister, also an Argentina international, was capped three times – playing in both play-off matches against Australia and helping Maradona secure a crucial place in the 1994 World Cup when Maradona was a central midfielder.

McAllister celebrates his goal. Twenty-eight years later, the younger son has followed the same path as his father and is now coaching Argentina’s Lionel Messi. Alexis McAllister is clearly more important than his father. In the group game against Poland, it was McAllister who scored the deadlock breaking goal from a team-mate’s assist after Messi missed a penalty.

In the semi-final against Croatia, it was he who kept Luka Modric in check at times, disrupting Croatia’s overall rhythm.

In the final, he set up Di Maria for Argentina’s second goal.

McAllister touches the World Cup. Conclusion: In this Argentina national team, like Enzo, Alvarez and McAllister, there are several other young people with dreams and aspirations. “Playing with Messi in the World Cup” is their goal, but also becomes their motivation to shine in the World Cup.

The change brought by youth is obvious — more active running, more active fighting, more intelligent passing and control, which enabled Argentina to complete the “low drive high” counter-attack in Qatar.

Messi and Di Maria are old. Messi, who danced his “last dance” in Qatar, was helped by his fans to carry it through to the final. The story of the hero will eventually come to an end, but in Messi’s farewell to the World Cup “last dance”, Argentina saw the hope of the future, which may not have Messi such a rare talent, but the inheritance of Messi’s will of the young people, still strong.

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