3-0! Rashford equaled Cristiano Ronaldo as Manchester United swept away the Blue Foxes

Rashford May scored twice and Sancho clinched victory as Manchester United’s hosts swept past visiting Leicester City 3-0 in the 24th round of the Premier League. Remarkably, Rashford, who scored twice, continued to play well. He has scored seven Premier League home goals in a row. Rashford has scored 16 goals since the World Cup, but he has only played 17 games with close to one goal in each game, which is very efficient.

United won, Rashford and Sancho scored, and they set a new record:

Manchester United recently scored in 28 consecutive games against Leicester City, the longest such streak for the same team in the Premier League.

United have scored more than two goals in 11 consecutive games at Old Trafford, the last time as far back as 1958.

Rashford has scored 24 goals per game this season, equalling Cristiano Ronaldo as the team’s top scorer last season.

Sancho came off the bench to score, giving United nine goals from the bench this season, the most in the Premier League.

Rashford has scored seven Premier League home goals in a row, second only to Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney in club history

Rashford has scored 17 goals at home this season, a new record for a United player for almost 11 years.

After this game, United continued to work miracles. That is to say, 310 Premier League home first-half leads, with a final record of 287 wins and 23 draws, never losing. That character was Leicester City, 1-0 up at half-time, winning again.

For Manchester, this game against Leicester City is very important. Manchester were absolutely held to a draw when their city rivals played Nottingham Forest, thus taking advantage of Manchester City’s inability to claim three points. With 15 wins, four draws and five defeats, and a goal difference of 49, they are three points behind Manchester City and five points adrift of Arsenal at the top of the table. With Arsenal not losing, it is important that United also reject the chain.

The next test for United is big. They will face Barcelona in the next round of UEFA’s Pacific League. You need to go all out against your opponent to advance. After that, he will play Brentford and Newcastle. Both teams are at the top of the table this season, especially Newcastle, which is also an important card for Manchester United and cannot afford to lose. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do next.

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