Manchester United activate Sancho behind the scenes to expose! Join did not ask the salary, Rashford burst also rely on him

United’s 80m winger Sancho has scored twice in five games since returning to action in February, one less than in his previous 14. Before and after the World Cup, Sancho had physical and mental problems, Tenhage sent to Holland for treatment and training. The Daily Mail can reveal that Sancho’s recent increase in goalscoring efficiency can also be attributed to forwards coach Benni McCarthy, who is credited with being behind Rashford’s breakout season.

McCarthy, 45, made his name at Porto. He started his career in South Africa in his native Cape Town before joining Ajax and Vigo Celta before Jose Mourinho took him to Porto. He scored twice against Manchester United in 2004, winning the Champions League with Mourinho.

McCarthy then moved to the Premier League, playing for Blackburn Rovers and West Ham United, where he scored 52 goals in 140 games and was second only to Didier Drogba in the Premier League scoring charts for the 2006/07 season.

McCarthy is also South Africa’s all-time leading scorer with 31 goals in 79 appearances. After retiring, he took a coaching certificate in Northern Ireland and coached local South African sides such as Cape Town and Amazuru. Last year, McCarthy turned down an offer to coach South Africa and joined Manchester United as forwards coach. At the time, he was also seen as a candidate to take over at Hearts and Burnley in the English Championship.

But McCarthy’s agent has recommended to United that his mastery of Dutch football philosophy at Ajax and Premier League characteristics at Blackburn Rovers could improve their players, and that the South African striker has supported the Red Devils from an early age. McCarthy was placed in Carrington to coach United’s Under-23s for a few sessions after a meeting with United’s director of football, John Murtaf, and Tenhaag observed him in practice and decided to hire him.

The Daily Mail can reveal that McCarthy did not even ask how much he was paid before accepting the Manchester United job. McCarthy will certainly try solo coaching in the future, but for now he is happy to be part of Tenhaag’s coaching staff.

McCarthy is married to a Scottish wife, Stacey, with whom he has a daughter and a son, as well as three daughters from his first marriage, Maria, and lives in the South Manchester area, which he knows well from his days playing for Blackburn Rovers.

“I want to help these young players, push them, change their mentality and really try to make a difference at Manchester United this season.” “Hopefully this season we will see a fully rejuvenated Manchester United with a group of hungry players,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy, who speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese, has been able to communicate with almost all of United’s players. At Carrington, he has become a popular figure among players and fans alike, as the fans’ anthem at Old Trafford on Sunday showed.

United manager Martin Tunhage said: “There are a lot of people on our coaching staff who have spent their careers as defenders and midfielders, so I want to find a good balance. McCarthy is an attacking player, he plays as a striker, which is also a special task for the team. I’ve never played up front so I’m happy to have someone on the coaching staff who has played as a striker. It’s all about scoring. I’ve got goalkeeping specialists, I’ve got attacking specialists, especially forward coaches.”

British media reported that after returning to Carrington from personal training, Sancho asked for one-on-one training with McCarthy, just like his friend Rashford once received special training. Martial, who has been injured a lot this season, also takes McCarthy’s advice seriously, and his goalscoring efficiency is not low, but his fragile body, too many injuries, McCarthy can do nothing about it, he is not a magic doctor.

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