Manchester United return 1 m 97 centre forward! Activated Rashford has scored just one goal in 10 games and signed two more superstars this summer

According to Football Insider, Manchester United will not formally sign Dutch striker Weghorst, who is currently on loan at the club, this summer. He will return to Burnley this summer and look for a new club.

United brought in Weghorst on loan in January to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, who had left the club. Manchester United paid Burnley 2.5 million pounds in the winter window to get Weghorst out of his Besiktas loan deal early. Notably, Weghorst’s contract does not include a buyout option or a mandatory buyout clause. As a result, United are free to choose whether to keep the Dutch international this summer.

Since joining Manchester United, Weghorst has worked very hard. At 1.97 meters tall, he was even transformed into an attacking midfielder by compatriot coach Tenhage in the last two games. This change also completely activated Rashford, Sancho and others. But for all his hard work, Weghorst has scored just once in 10 games. Such a goal – scoring efficiency, obviously not to the satisfaction of the United club hierarchy.

With the prospect of a new owner, United have been tempted to part with Weghorst this summer and bring in a world-class centre-forward, with Tottenham’s Harry Kane and Napoli’s David Osmayne among the targets.

As for Weghorst, he will have to leave United and rejoin Burnley this summer. Burnley are top of the Championship, though, and Weghorst may have a chance of playing in the Premier League with them next season if he can make more of an impact for United in the second half of the season.

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