A little messy? Neymar has a stepmother,Her status is somewhat special。

Best friend’s mother suddenly becomes a stepmother to a leading man. It seems like something out of a movie, but Brazilian soccer star Neymar knows all about it, because he is the leading man. Many Brazilian media including “Globo Sport” revealed that Neymar’s father found a new love, that is 45 years old Malina, which means that Neymar has a stepmother, and the stepmother maintenance is very good, age is only 15 years older than Neymar, the original aunt into a stepmother, have to say, such a fantasy plot, or let people dumbstruck.

Neymar is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain. He has just been injured and his time in Paris is likely to be difficult as the club seeks to purge the Brazilian superstar. Neymar has made enough money in Paris to feed himself and his family are all very rich. Both his mother and father have money to spend. However, Neymar’s family is not complete because his father and mother divorced seven years ago.

Neymar’s father, Santos, is 57 years old, but thanks to the money, he is still happy. After the divorce, Santos has been on a roll.

In June 2021, Neymar’s father met a mature 45-year-old woman named Marina, who was born in Itapema, Santa Catarina, and is now 45. She is still very discreet on social networking sites, following Neymar and the player’s sister Rafaela, and rarely revealing her hobbies or Posting photos. Overall, she seems to keep a low profile.

Marina is a mother of two, but she is still in great shape and looks good, taking good care of her body at the age of 45. Somewhat surprisingly, Neymar Sr. and Marina had an interesting meeting, introduced by Neymar’s friend Andre, who is also Marina’s son.


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