Neymar’s father is in love!

According to Brazilian publication Globo Sport, Neymar’s 57-year-old father has been in a good relationship and has found a new love interest at the age of 57, making it back to 18. It is understood that Neymar’s father’s new girlfriend called Malina, 45 years old this year, although nearly 50 years old, but still full of charm body maintenance is very good, and she is the mother of Neymar’s friends, the two families are very familiar with. Still, he wondered if Malina, who is only 14 years older than Neymar, had been considered an aunt and was suddenly a stepmother. It is worth mentioning that Neymar’s father and mother are not thrifty, love life is very colorful, can be described as a wonderful family.

Neymar’s parents divorced seven years ago and his mother was quickly revealed to be in a new relationship, often with attractive young men. One of Neymar’s mother’s many boyfriends is a die-hard fan of the player, who was originally a friend of Neymar’s chef and became a guest in the family through that connection. The young man then hooked up with Neymar’s mother and became his stepfather.

But the relationship between Neymar’s mother and the youngster did not last long. Earlier media reports said the relationship ended when Neymar’s mother and her boyfriend slammed the door and left after a furious argument. She packed up her belongings and told the housekeeper not to open the door for her again. Over the past 1 year, Neymar’s mother is still calm, did not expect his father and unwilling to be lonely, began a yellow love. It is not known how long the relationship will last, whether Neymar’s father is acting on a whim or on a whim.

Marr has been in fine form this season, scoring 18 goals and 17 assists in 29 appearances for Paris, and has been a central figure in his role as Brazil’s No10 at the Qatar World Cup. But Neymar is not disciplined enough, resulting in his physical quality is poor, often appear injury. Neymar suffered another injury in Ligue 1 last week and is not sure if he will be fit for the Champions League second-leg knockout game against Bayern. Since joining Greater Paris in 2017, the lack of Messi, Suarez, Andres Iniesta and other big brother supervision, so that he has become more and more indulgent, has been addicted to the romantic city of wine and wine, occasionally highlight play completely rely on exceptional football talent. But at 31, how long will Neymar’s age and health allow him to continue splurging?

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