Forgotten Photo of Mike Tyson and Kylian Mbappe Takes Internet by Storm

Whether it is boxing or football, the debate about the greatest never ceases. Each fan has a different opinion as to why his favorite athlete is the greatest in his sport, or even in all sports in general. Fans can often get very critical if someone claims any athlete other than their choice to be better, and it can easily get out of hand. So it is natural that the following post had the effect it did.

Recently, a Facebook post has caused quite a stir among sports fans. The post featured an image of legendary boxer Mike Tyson and rising football star Kylian Mbappé together, with a caption that declared Tyson the “King of Boxing” and Mbappé the “King of Football”. While this may seem like a harmless social media post, it has sparked a heated debate among fans of both sports.

Many boxing fans were quick to defend Tyson’s title as the “King of Boxing”. They cited his impressive track record and dominant performances in the ring. However, some football fans took issue with the comparison, arguing that it was unfair to compare the two sports. And that Mbappé still has a lot to prove in his career before being declared a “King” of anything.

Mbappé and Mike Tyson at the French Open

The picture, in question, is that of the French Open in 2018. The photo was taken when Mbappé sat one row ahead of Mike Tyson. This picture enjoyed a lot of coverage even back then. They watched the match between Sloane Stephens and Anett Kontaveit, with Stephens winning in 52 minutes. Mbappé also took a photo with Mike Tyson, which caused a lot of hilarious reactions from fans even back then.

In the picture, Tyson looked out of it, and some people joked about the ‘sadness’ on his face. It seemed that the former world champion was not as glad as Mbappé to take the photo. Mike Tyson seemed to enjoy getting photos with Ronaldinho much more. His picture with Ronaldinho went viral last year, a day before the 2022 FIFA World Cup started.

In the recent post of the ‘forgotten photo’, the caption wrote, “Boxing King and Football King”.

This caused fans to be outraged. Many fans questioned Mbappé’s claim to the throne while the ’emperors’ (Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi) still remain. The bold claim surely ruffled some feathers.

ne fan wrote, “It is a gross disrespect to CR7 and LM10 to say he’s a king when these two are still active.”

Another fan shared his deep appreciation towards Mike. He wrote, “Let be sincere, Mike is the best if u check his calculations in the ring”.

Someone claimed that the person who posted the picture does not know much about soccer.

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In conclusion, the debate over the greatest athlete in any sport is never-ending. Fans always have their own opinions, and they can get quite heated when someone disagrees with them. At the end of the day, it is up to each individual fan to decide who they believe is the greatest in their chosen sport.

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