Can you come this summer? Fans holding up Mbappe Manchester United No. 7 shirt called Tenhag: Ha ha

After United’s training session, fans waited outside the training ground for manager Tenhage, holding up a United shirt with Mbappe’s name on it and Shouting “Will Mbappe come this summer?”

Tenhaag, who was sitting in the car, did not respond. Waving to the fans, he answered the question with a polite but awkward “hehe”, but as the car drove away, the open window revealed a quiet thumbs-up from Tenhaag.

Mbappe, who signed a contract extension in Paris before the start of the season, has been repeatedly linked with a move away from the club. Sources say his first choice of clubs is to join Real Madrid in a situation that has made it difficult for him to do so. Manchester City, who apparently have Haland and are still under investigation, are not among them. Only Chelsea are strong enough to take on United.

Of course, Mbappe’s departure is only one of the theories, and the current trend in the French media is that Lionel Messi and Neymar will leave the team, and Paris will rebuild around the only absolute core of Mbappe. In this case, he’s not going anywhere.

Mbappe’s problems may be too much of a headache, but United’s real target is not much better. Osmayne is one of their top targets at the moment, a priority given that Kane has just become Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer midway through the season.

But the young Nigerian striker struck again this weekend to help Napoli continue their wild ride at the top of the Serie A table. Of course, he also scored in the Champions League in midweek, when Napoli won the first leg 2-0 and looked set to go further.

Scored in 8 consecutive Serie A rounds, 10 goals in 8 rounds, 19 goals in 20 Serie A games this season, 21 goals and 3 assists in 25 games in all competitions. Every goal tally from Osmayne will prove United’s point of view, but at the same time, it will make him more difficult to buy.

Currently, Napoli’s business owner has let it be known that any team without an offer of more than 140 million euros should not come knocking on his door. Even so, it failed to hold off Chelsea and Atletico Madrid, both of whom are keen to compete with United.

Napoli are under no pressure to sell Osmaeine, who is under contract until 2025, which has largely made it easier for Delaurentis to win the Lion’s share of the deal, while the £600m-plus cost of two Windows has made Chelsea’s sleeve a thorn in United’s side’s spine.

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