He was first in line after the World Cup when it was revealed that Paris had offered $135 million for a man to scare off Real Madrid

Manchester United are threatening Real Madrid and Paris with a 135m bid for one man, it has been revealed. He was the main striker after the World Cup. Marcus Rashford caught up with him and offered him a staggering €135m! In a contract year, this approach took a big risk for the Reds.

Rashford has scored 16 goals and six assists in 18 appearances for United since the World Cup. That’s more than any of the top five European leagues. And with his contract expiring at the end of June 2024, his contract year begins this summer and there are plenty of suitors. Both Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain have clamoured for the England international, as players entering their contract years are rarely sold for large sums and clubs often do not want to incur the loss of having to move on, so go for the big ones. Lower prices.

But this time Manchester United is not the club because it has the money. Manchester United’s turnover is consistently among the top three in Europe. In the decade since Ferguson’s retirement, their best results have been runners-up and Europa League winners. Such marketing power is really the top of the pyramid in Europe. United are not afraid of such a loss, so they are very tough with Greater Paris and Real Madrid. Sell, but come up with an offer of 135 million euros.

United has its own considerations about this approach. After all, with almost a year and a half to go until the end of June 2024, they had a good conversation with Rashford after first scaring off Real Madrid and Paris by overpaying them and scaring off potential summer poachers. Rashford, after all, came through United’s academy and has been a major subject of United’s development, so the relationship with the club is still strong, so if United make a big offer, Rashford will stay. The chances are good. The risk, of course, is that Rashford doesn’t extend his contract and leaves on his own accord, with United losing hundreds of millions…

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