Mbappe’s new love affair revealed! She was nine years older and hot, and she was a man until she was 16!

French footballer Mbappe is definitely one of the most talked about stars in world football today. According to the German Transfer Market, Mbappe is worth 160 million euros, the highest of all professional players in the world. Since you are the most valuable player, then his off-field tidbits will naturally be a lot of fans’ attention, not long ago, the media exposed Mbappe’s new love, but his gossip object, but many fans are called “wonderful”!

According to Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Mbappe’s alleged girlfriend is model Ines Lowe, who was first photographed together at the Cannes Film Festival last May. After the paparazzi followed, it was revealed that Mbappe and Ines have been close to each other. During a cruise together, Mbappe even hugged Ines so close that the smiles on their faces almost spilled over the screen.

Ines Rau was born in Paris and has French citizenship, though her parents are Algerian and part of the French diaspora. Ines is a supermodel, of course, or she would not be able to make Mbappe’s head roll. But Ines lived as a man until she was 16, when she underwent sex reassignment surgery and officially became a woman.

After transitioning, Ines’s life was very much like an open door. After entering the modeling industry, Ines gained a lot of attention because of her transgender identity, which made her famous. She later appeared on the cover of Playboy, becoming the first transgender model to do so. In 2018, Ines also published an autobiography called “Women,” in which she told the world about her legend.

But Ines Rau, who was born in 1990, is 32 this year, nine years older than Mbappe at 23. They say, “Third girl, gold,” but Ines is nine years older than Mbappe, so their brother-sister relationship, is not viewed favorably. Mbappe also has a preference for women who are much older than he is, given that model Stella Maxwell, whom Mbappe has been romantically linked with, is also 32 years old.

Mbappe’s unique “taste”, also caused a lot of fans ridicule. One fan commented: “Found the reason for Mbappe’s slump. Playing too much with his 32-year-old girlfriend.” Another fan joked: ‘Superstars have different tastes from the rest of us. I don’t understand it, but I’m shocked!’ Another fan said: “It was Pogba’s magic.”

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