What’s going on? Greenwood’s girlfriend is pregnant, about to have a baby, been on the run for a month, got back together?

Although Greenwood has only played for United for a short time, it is believed that many United fans are still concerned about the talented striker. Since his debut, Greenwood has been central to the future of United fans. Sadly, Greenwood was accused of domestic abuse by his girlfriend in January last year, which eventually led to him being banned from Manchester United. Although the investigation into Greenwood has now been withdrawn, he has yet to feature for United and is no longer expected to play.

According to British media reports, the most important reason for Greenwood’s withdrawal from the investigation is that his girlfriend Robson is pregnant and due to give birth in the summer, which means at most a few months away. Soon to be a father. As soon as the news was reported, it sparked heated discussion among fans. After all, that was the end of the domestic violence scandal. I don’t know whether to call it black humor or life.

According to media reports, Greenwood and his girlfriend reunited a month after the incident, meaning he was suspended by United in January and reunited a month later as a normal couple. Yes, the news still came as a surprise to the fans. After all, the early reconciliation success, why continue to blame? The only reasonable argument is that the case against Greenwood does not end with Robson’s pregnancy. Even if the woman presses for an exit, it takes time to complete the formalities.

However, the incident, which appeared to be just a dispute between a young couple, was a major blow to Greenwood’s career. From being a future star of Manchester United to now being unable to play for the club, a year has been wasted by Greenwood at a time when he needed to grow up most of his career. When Greenwood does return, there are huge questions about how much he will retain and whether he will be a vital attacking weapon up front. But at the end of the day, it was Greenwood who had to suffer the consequences.

And, after all this, United may not be able to give Greenwood the green light to return. It was previously revealed that Greenwood would not be welcomed back into the women’s team and that members of United were sceptical about his return. The news seems to be a warm-up for Greenwood’s return, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get there. In any case, hopefully this will help Greenwood grow up and avoid similar incidents that could ruin his career.

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