Why does Mbappe dislike Neymar? His personal life is just one thing, and Neymar’s counterattack is embarrassing

Since Mbappe signed a new contract with Paris for a record annual salary and the club’s promise to give him a role in team decision-making, the 24-year-old French star has exercised the privilege granted to him by the team, and his first target for the club to purge is Neymar.

There are a number of reasons why Mbappe is determined to squeeze Neymar out, one of which is that there has been a long history of conflict between his French team and the South American players with Messi and Neymar as the core. Mbappe believes that Neymar is too dissolute in his private life, going to nightclubs and flirting with girls, which is common, which has led to Neymar’s current competitive state and physical condition are greatly reduced. Mbappe believes the Brazilian is no longer able to help the team on the pitch as he did a few years ago and wants the club to purge him in order to secure billions of dollars to buy other players.

Aside from the perceived turmoil in Neymar’s personal life, Mbappe’s other reason for wanting to oust the Brazilian is that he wants to seize the voice of the team. Because of Neymar, Messi in, Mbappe has always been unable to really control the team, perhaps this is the main reason why Mbappe dislikes Neymar, want to force him out. However, after the new coach Garti took office, it seems that he did not want to listen to Mbappe’s arrangement to remove Neymar, but stressed that each player is important to the team. That is an embarrassment for Mbappe, whose position in the team does not seem particularly secure, at least for now, to influence the decisions of the manager and the club’s top management.

And in response to Mbappe’s exclusion, Neymar also launched a counterattack, but it seems that the approach is somewhat inappropriate. I thought you said I had a nasty personal life. I’ll show you, it’s either getting drunk every day, going out to nightclubs, or missing training and not paying attention. Neymar is going to tell Mbappe that there is no way to kick me out! It has to be said that Neymar’s counterattack is indeed sharp, but if this goes on his career may not be far from retirement.

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