Before the World Cup, Neymar underwent facial surgery to help him look younger

Recently, the news that Neymar will have plastic surgery before the World Cup has become a hot news.

Neymar reportedly went for a medical facelift-less than 10 days before the World Cup kicked off. “It strengthens the skin’s resistance, makes it look better and helps boost confidence,” said Neymar’s therapist.

In fact, this is not the first time Neymar has undergone facial surgery. Neymar has been receiving facial treatments every year since six years ago. According to his beautician, Neymar’s skin is sensitive and prone to oil, and this treatment is an enhanced version.

This may also explain Neymar’s increasing youth in recent years, although he continues to go to nightclubs and perform on the pitch, but his face is getting younger and younger.

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