Mbappe’s mother: There is a smear campaign against my son to force him out

In response to the negative online reports about Mbappe in recent days, his mother Faissa said the only purpose of the rumors against her son was to force him to leave Paris.

Recent rumours that Mbappe had become arrogant after signing a new contract with Paris in the summer and that he had a number of grievances with the team, both tactically and in terms of recruitment, have brought the relationship to a new low.

The report also said that Mbappe had lost the support of his Paris teammates and there were dissatisfaction with his privileged position in the team, and all kinds of negative news could be said to emerge.

Ambabi’s mother, Faiza, was upset by a series of negative reports against him and came to her son’s defense.

Faiza retweeted a message on the social network Twitter: “Are these messages really effective in discredits Mbappe? It just proves that someone is leading a smear campaign to make Mbappe unsavable and force him out of the team.”

Faisa, who has been very supportive of Mbappe and proud of her son’s achievements, said at an earlier event: “I am most proud that Mbappe has become such an amazing person. He still has time to grow, and I’m so proud of him.”

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